St. Nicholas Who?

Is the family name of the historical St. Nicholas known? Did he even have a family name, or was it just Nicholas?


Doesn’t look like he had one, which (I think) wouldn’t be surprising for the era:

Surname - Wikipedia - my emphasis

There’s St Nicholas of Myrna.

Myra, not Myrna. But that wasn’t a last name so much as where he lived (he was Bishop of Myra). He also is sometimes called Nicholas of Bari, because 1087, his bones were taken there and they’re still there today.


What’s known is in the Wikipedia entry thatQuartz links to. Greek people of Nicholas’ day did not use surnames, but rather patronymics (“John son of Harold” not “John Miller”), which would mean his full formal name to his contemporaries would probably have been Nikolaos Epiphanides.

Thank you Polycarp. A very helpful and interesting answer, as always.