Stairway=what exactly?

ok, ok, i cant take it anymore. the silence is killing me and everyone goes on talking about something else as if this one fundamental question doesnt exist. or maybe its already been addressed and i just dont know it. anyhoo, what the hell is Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven all about? i cant get over the fact that so many people have heard the song but no one knows what it means! please help me… :frowning:

Have you checked the Message Boards Archives? There was a threadhere about Stairway to Heaven not so long ago.

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Moving thread to Cafe Society.

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Well, the question served one purpose - I checked Walloon’s link and wound up giggling helplessly for about 15 minutes. Boy howdy, did a couple of those people go a bit overboard! I am now a new fan of Wendell and Johnny LA for some darn fine work there!

Poster1: Is too!
Poster2: Is not!
Poster3: Well-reasoned rational explanation with line-by-lines, and a polite “please stop insulting me.”
Poster1: I don’t like your explanation! Gratuitous insult!

In addition, almost every occurrence of the word “to” is in red, which makes it rather surreal.

I was not implying that Wendell and JLA were the ones going overboard, by the way. :smiley:

Oh yes you were!

Oh, no, I wasn’t! So there! :stuck_out_tongue: Niddly niddly poo poo poo!

okay, maybe I did, but it sure wasn’t intentional.


That’s a result of the search engine - it highlights the words in the search. the link that was posted was from a search. If you look at the link this appears at the end of the URL: &highlight=stairway+to+heaven


Thanks for the explanation. I hadn’t run across that before.

thanks for redirecting me to that thread. its very interesting and sure did clear up alot of things. now i can sleep at night :0


exactly. i’ve heard that Robert Plant just stuck together a bunch of sayings and wove it into a song. (almost…dissapointing)

I thought it was about natas teews ym dna niap fo esuoh eht.