Stairwell nonce-bashings

A quick question regarding the common perception about ‘honour among thieves’ in prisons; is the notion that certain crimes (namely child abuse, although I’ve also heard of those convicted of rape and matricide being targets) considered anathema even among hardened criminals and those convicted of said crimes subject to abuse at the hands of other inmates verifiable, or is this a fiction?

It is a truth.

Something that both criminals and junkies share in common is the fact that no matter how bad you are, there is always someone worse than you. With criminals, child abusers are the lowest of the low, and it great for the troglodyte ego to find targets that are shared by the majority, and whereby a successful assault can either raise their esteem, earn them a bit of extra tobacco or both.

In UK ‘nicks’, most ‘nonces’ are kept away from the general population under somethig called “Rule 43”, which gives them protective custody, but they can’t stay in their cells all the time, and until they get allocated to a jail that caters for sex offenders, they always have to be on their guard.