Stan Freberg in Rudolph?

Some of the voices in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” sounded a lot like Stan Freberg. The closing credits list a “Stan Francis”. Any chance it was him?

Well, he never shy about accepting credit when he did voice work; I don’t see why he’d anonymize his credit in this instance.

Yeah, but it sure sounded like him, to the point where I said to myself “hey, that’s Stan Freberg!” I was expecting to see him credited. Anyone have the DVD want to give a listen? I think he does more than one voice.

Interesting. There’s absolutely no biographical info on “Stan Francis” available. The IMDB entry shows a previous association with Rankin and Bass, and some credits several years earlier in a Canadian TV series, but it’s possible that one was a different person.

But if it is, there’s still the aforementioned curiosity of why he would use a different name.

Maybe he saw the finished product. :smiley: Say what you want, but on viewing it the other day, it is kind of schlocky, nostalgic memories aside.

Which charactors?

Minor characters.

Yukon Cornelius was the only miner. He was voiced by Larry D. Mann.

[size=1]Oh, that’s minor. Nevermind.

I received e-mail from the Rankin Bass historian and he says no.