Stan Of Meal

Why am I not finding any cartoons depicting Stan Of Meal, a parody of Man Of Steel? Too obvious?

In my mind, I see a skinny bespectacled guy with a receding chin, wearing a short-sleeve plaid shirt and thick, black-framed glasses. The style of the drawing is that of a particular artist I remember from Heavy Metal magazine, whose images were made up with dots rather than lines. This ‘superhero’ tries, but he’s utterly ineffective because he has the strength of hot porridge instead of the strength of steel.

If I thought of it, millions of others must have as well – and some of them can draw. So where are the cartoons?

Not quite what you’re thinking of:

I’m pretty sure Rev. Spooner was involved.

Not all Spoonerisms are witty enough lend themselves to parody, I’m afraid. I don’t think 1% of the population would hear that phrase and think that it might be a Superman parody.