Stan the Funky Undertaker

I have the habit of picking fights in instant messenger, online games, and on forums (but not on this one, at least not yet) and after accusations of homosexuality and threats of hacking my character or as they put it “haxxing my char”, I am often told to STFU. Now, I know what that stands for, but I refuse to acknowledge it. From now on STFU will stand for Stan the funky undertaker, okay? This is a notice, I will no longer understand STFU for anything other than a guy in a bad tuxedo doing the hustle.

Well phooey. I thought this was going to be a funny anecdote about a funeral.

I hope that works for ya, and welcome to the Dope. :slight_smile:

Well, picking a fight on the SDMB would be a very dumb thing to do. I wouldn’t pay my money too soon if I were you.

Is that a challenge, Hung Mung? If so its pistols at dawn!

Read the STMB rules. You can not use pistols at dawn until you’re registered. As a Guest, you are restricted to water pistols at lunch, sorry.

But nevertheless, welcome!

But the rules don’t exactly say what you have to fill the water pistols with.

Dig the funky undertaker, now! HAH! Good gawad!

I feel cheated as I was also expecting a funny story. Welcome, long-named new person. I advise against picking fights here though. :slight_smile: