Standin' in the shower, thinkin'

'Cause they’re both about friends who suddenly revealed an attraction to their friend.


bows out politely, still :smack:ing

They were supposed to relate??? Funny, I thought I was posting to MPSIMS…

No, no. I’m kidding. I kid. WhyNot hit the nail on the head. The situation with LTF just got me thinking about the old situation with DF. One of those moments where you just go “WTF?”

Now I’m glad I left out all the other stuff that almost made it’s way into the story about LTF’s other friend who claimed I was a witch and casting spells on her and several other people making them try to dress/act like I. I could easily have rambled much worse than I did. I am good like that.

This thread is kinda hot in a confusing-hard-to-follow sort of way.

My response to “I’ve always wanted to suck your dick” would be “Oh yeah? Me too.”

HAHAHAH! As a side note – DF was actually capable of licking his own eyebrows. He had the longest natural tongue I have ever seen. I have little doubt that he would have been able to suck his own dick.