Star Treck-TNG and the list of credits

The starships exceed the speed of light, so they don’t run into the relativistic effects encountered when a crew travels at speeds approaching c. Although this did happen to the crew of the U.S.S. Columbia NX-02 when she lost her warp drive in a series of novels set during the time of Enterprise.

I loved Bob and June Wheeler. I had a fantasy that somehow they’d appear on ST:TNG charged with something and be placed on trial with Troi defending them, Riker or Worf prosecuting them, and Picard as the judge.

Bob And June

Close enough? :wink:

**After **Wheaton left the show!

Right. And Denise Crosby was sandwiched between Levar Burton and Michael Dorn while she was on the show.

An interesting way of putting it. :dubious:

And Diana Muldaur simply took Gates McFadden’s place in the credits for that one season that Dr. Pulaski replaced Beverly Crusher.

Did she? My recollection is that she was always credited along with the guest stars, once the opening titles were over and the first act started playing. I could be misremembering, though.

Seems I’m right—no Muldaur in the Season 2 opening credits.

That’s why I said “did wind up with” instead of “did get.” :slight_smile: