Star Treck-TNG and the list of credits

Why is Brent Spiner’s name so far down the list of credits? He seems to always have a larger part than most listed before his name.

Bad agent? Or, he is just a robot?

The two prime spots in credits are at the beginning and at the end. I don’t remember if his name is last but I wouldn’t be surprised. Especially after the first season when he was the other breakout character after Picard.

Aside from Stewart, wasn’t everyone listed alphabetically?

Aside from Stewart and Frakes, yes. Wil Wheaton was last until he left the show.

more anti-androidism in the entertainment industry

Spiner wasn’t particularly well-known before TNG, despite his hilarious turn as Bob Wheeler. No reason he should be higher up in the credits until later in the show’s run.

This has been true of all Star Trek TV series, hasn’t it? That is, apart from the nominal leads, credits for the regulars have been alphabetical.

Then the order of credits does not relate to the compensation of actors?

The credits went like this. I’m leaving out character names to save typing, but they were also shown:

Patrick Stewart
Jonathan Frakes
Also Starring
Levar Burton
(no whoosh)
Michael Dorn
(no whoosh)
Gates McFadden
(no whoosh)
Marina Sirtis
(no whoosh)
Brent Spiner
(slowly rising hum followed by crack!)
Created by
Gene Roddenberry

So yes, Stewart and Frakes as Stars, everyone else alphabetically as Also Stars. And Gene Roddenberry as the Supreme Being.

For some shows it might. But not for this one.

You mean Great Bird of the Galaxy, don’t you? :slight_smile:

…is how the drug-addicted prostitute lives day by day.

True for DS9. Not true for TOS, which listed only Shattner and Nimoy for the first season and added Kelley the second and third. The other regular actors who would have gotten title credits in later seasons only got end credits.

They probably saved a bundle by having such long opening sequences. Wouldn’t work today.

Nope. It is all negotiable by one’s agent.

No but Agents will negotiate credit placement and additions such as listing their credit with the character name (e.g. “John Smith as Captain Underpants”) and the more “juice” you have, the more you can ask for.

ETA: I see the same point was much more succinctly made and without any mention of underpants right above mine. :slight_smile:

Or on demand by someone with clout; cf. “The Professor and Mary Ann.”

Yep, Bob Denver had the clout on that show.

So whether it was alphabetical or not, Spiner did wind up with the coveted last spot, even if he didn’t get the extra “And” at the beginning, and everyone got the “as [character]” credit that is often reserved only for the last spot.

Since the Trek spaceship spends so much time at very high speeds relative to light, for each year the crew sees themselves as aging, won’t the people of Earth have aged, say, 5 years?

Warp drive does not work that way. I’d post a cite, but I seem to have misplaced my warp theory textbook.