Star Trek cloaking device question

The question of the Treaty of Algeron is well established. Phil Farrand’s Nitpicker’s Guide for Next Generation Trekkers, Volume II offers this:

(Fed*s = Federation ships, captains, peoples.

The really annoying thing is tht the Fed*s have repeatedly shown the abilit to scan for cloaked vessels. They bloody well have shown at least three seperate ways - and at least one of these is logically unavoidable by known Romulan/Klingon technology.

  1. ST 6: Watched for exhaust. Actually a relatively simple trick. no known counter. The ships must produce and dump power. In theory, a simple thermal scan could reveal the presence of a cloaked ship.

  2. ST:TNG episode (Facing Romulans across the neutral zone, the Feds deployed a “net” across the neutral zone.) This will pick up any cloaled vessel coming acroos, but relies upon a high-speed relay operating from a number of Feds vessels.

  3. Man, I know there was at least one more, but I cannot remember it.

Data fired a bunch of photon torpedoes to tech the tech tech thingy, and revealed a bunch of them.

Also, Enterprise is rife with continuity errors. The writers have lamely suggested that they’re heading off into an alternate timeline, which split off because Zefram Cochrane saw what the Galaxy-class Enterprise looked like and began building stuff that looked like that. That’s why Enterprise looks much more advanced than the Constitution class. Since there’s an alternate timeline, there aren’t necessarily continuity errors with the previous (set in the future) series.

The thing I have always found interesting is that the TOS episode which introduced the cloaking device, Balance of Terror, is pretty much an exact remake of a WWII movie about a British (I think) destroyer and a German U-Boat. I remember seeing the movie and thinking “Hey, that’s a Star Trek episode!” That’s why you have such things as the ships essentially entering “silent running” mode and the like.

Substitute torpedos and depth charges for plasma and photon torps and you pretty much have it.

So, the Enterprise doesn’t have a cloaking device for the same reason that modern cruisers don’t submerge. :slight_smile:

Well in fairness to the Star Trek writers on the whole multiple dates of the Treaty of Algeron thing; from the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Treaty of Paris (1763): Treaty concluding the Franco-British phase of the Seven Years’ War.

Treaty of Paris (1783): One of several agreements making up the Peace of Paris; provided for British recognition of American independence.

Treaties of Paris (1814-1815): Treaties ending the Napoleonic Wars.

Treaty of Paris (1856): Treaty ending the Crimean War.

Treaty of Paris (1898): Treaty concluding the Spanish-American War.

Treaties of Paris (1919-1920): Collection of several treaties that ended World War I, including the famous Treaty of Versailles.

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