Star Trek Discovery Season 3 (Open Spoilers)

Same here. I was thinking that the space in the Discovery was big enough to be a srarbase hanger, then thought–oh, wait–they are on the huge ship. But nope, Discovery.

I find it mildly irritating in these shows just that the hallways and rooms are as big as they are. I realize that for the purpose of filming there’s a reason they’re the size they are, but I still find myself thinking “man, they waste a crapload of space.” But that interior of Discovery - jesus, in the ship supposed to be two miles long? What the hell?

I finished it. Sort of. I actually had to skim through some of the exhausting dialogue in the holoship, a story that was, over the course of three episodes, maybe 20 minutes of story jammed into an hour of screen time. Naturally it all ended with the beatification of Michael Burnham, but at least they’re all wearing proper uniforms.

Vance said the official representing the Chain had to be completely independent of Osyraa, not the Chain itself. And then that person had to charge Osyraa for her crimes. She had intended to name Aurellio the scientist as the official which is evidence of her duplicity in the whole matter, so asking for an independent official was Vance’s way of guaranteeing the deal wasn’t a Trojan horse, because it was. I can’t really say that places blame for the battle on the Federation, even with the “you have to stand trial for your crimes” part. I mean, she had just hijacked a Federation ship and was holding its crew hostage, she’d be naive (or poorly written) not expecting something like that.

Or maybe I’m wrong because during that scene I was paying too much attention to the green paint that had made its way onto Janet Kidder’s teeth. High def is a blessing and a curse.

Fucking hell, that last episode was some of the worst Trek ever written or filmed.

Nothing on screen proves the deal was a Trojan horse. It might have been, but we have no evidence that’s true. The fact she planned to make her scientist the diplomat isn’t an iota of evidence in favor of that. Of course she’s going to nominate her most trusted people to be ambassadors. That’s usually where ambassadors come from. Ambassadors speak on behalf of the government they represent, and she appears to have been its head of state, such as it was.

The admiral asked her if the scientist was just a nominal figurehead that would be carrying out her orders, she said, “No, of course not.” and the lie-detecting android said she was lying.

The Federation’s demand was that Osyraa could no longer lead the Chain, she was to cede control to an individual trusted and respected by the galaxy in general. She was putting scientist-buddy in charge as a figurehead so she could keep control she should no longer have.

That’s what ambassadors do. It made no sense to end peace talks on this point. It was stupidly written.

Isn’t Michael Burnham moving more and more like an early-apperance Ferengi?

Yeah, this scene was as well-written as the rest of the show, which is to say, not at all.

There were times during this season in which I honestly wondered - not at all ironically, I mean really seriously considered the possibility - if the writers or producers were, on some level, actually just trolling the audience.

Aurellio would not have been speaking on behalf of the Chain, he would have been speaking on behalf of Osyraa. That’s the point. Vance wants Osyraa out of the picture. He wants to deal with the Chain, not Osyraa. Osyraa has put forth the fiction that with Aurellio as a representative they will have that. So when she gets caught making that lie, Vance knows Auerllio is just a Trojan horse for her.

I’m not going to argue that the whole thing isn’t poorly written, but I mean, Osyraa got inside the Federation HQ using Discovery pretty much literally as a Trojan horse. The fact that she’d try the same thing with the deal shouldn’t be too surprising.