Star Trek Discovery Season 3 (Open Spoilers)

Vulcans may be racist, but there is a reason why she had no friends back home. Especially if she was always trying to embrace them for a messy blubbering session every time someone pointed out a proposition was logical.

“Hey, scrapyard? We want starship black boxes from the burn. As many as you got. We can pay with dilithium.”

Bam. The remaining 45 minutes could have been about the cat and about Bug-eyes trying to figure out his new badge.

Well, at least, now Discovery’s shroom-jump effect is no longer the dumbest looking starship maneuver—that honor goes to Book’s ship disassembling and reassembling itself just to turn around.

And again I get the feeling that this could’ve been a decent episode, if not for Burnham’s all drama, all the time default mode. Seriously, Saru told her that she’d have to wait what, 12 hours?

I kinda keep imagining Burnham at the coffee bar, ordering a latte with whispering intensity only to then have a meltdown when she’s told they’re out of soy milk. But you know, using all her amazing strength to just barely keep it together. Somehow. Because she has to. She’s just too selfless. She’s even going to compliment the barista, because it’s not his fault, he did what he had to. He did the right thing. And everyone’s going to be really impressed. How can she even manage to go on. Despite everything. And look how she still puts others first.

I mean, usually, if something doesn’t work, you can kinda see what they were going for, and at least appreciate the effort; but what I find frustrating is just that I can’t figure out what they’re going for. What purpose does this emotional intensity serve? Why’s it, you know, there?

Ugh, Burnham is written so fucking terribly. 900+ year Discovery shows up at Starfleet HQ and she’s immediately talking back to the CnC, practically giving orders like she owns the place. I know she gets a dressing down from Saru, but it’s such awful plot armour. It’s so fucking bad.

…I’m a generally like the show, but the character writing is often quite brutal. Some of the worst in Trek at times.

I’m still trying to figure out the number of people she killed on that mission —

But they were evil. Or maybe indentured servants terrorized into obedience, but hey, po-tay-to, po-tah-to…

The writing, especially the character behaviours, feels a lot to me like the writing in Another Life - professional astronauts behaving like emotional and entitled teenagers; people doing bad things because they ‘the baddies’; supposedly intelligent individuals failing to observe obvious things and as a result, just walking into trouble …

Well, of course Burnham had to cry. Of course the episode relied on her, once again, disobeying orders and being the center of it all. Of course there was more emotion than story. Of course we’re chasing around after MacGuffins about “The Burn” rather than pursuing some cool little episodic story. Of course lots of people had to be shot. Of course the prisoners were freed not though a clever plan but through hideous violence. Of course Leslie Crusher and Blue Boy shared EMOTION!!!1! and of course the comic relief sucked. Of course there is no REAL consequence to Burnham’s actions. Being demoted from 2IC to Science Officer won’t stop her from pulling these stunts.

Why aren’t the Discovery crew wearing proper uniforms? Their ugly jumpsuits aren’t Starfleet regulation in whatever year this is set in now.

Og, and hey, you know how the spore drive makes Discovery amazingly useful? WHY ARE THEY NOT BUILDING MORE, HUH? Why is Discovery’s #1 job literally not staying at Starfleet HQ to be studied and copied into more spore drive ships? What the fuck?

I like watching this show to make fun of it but I might stop now, because they’re not even giving me anything new to tear apart (granted I did just watch it so I haven’t thought about it much) but this episode was just so miserable.

It wouldn’t even be that hard. Future-starfleet appears to have scanners that can literally understand things at the atomic level, but they only seem to have used them to understand the emotions of people they are interrogating

But isn’t that because Stamets is special because of the sigh space-tardigrade? I admit I refused to commit the specifics of that whole thing to memory…

I mean, sure, maybe, but fucking say so. Wouldn’t they try? I know I would, and again this is a Starfleet that is generations beyond Discovery in terms of tech. (It doesn’t look 900 years beyond, but whatever.) They’d at least give it a shot.

(This is of course a consequence of a lot of preceding writing decisions, including the decision to create the ridiculous spore drive in the first place.)

I’m trying to decide what’s worst, this show or “Picard.” I still think Picard is worse, but, man, it’s a tough call.

I only watch Discovery for the starship visuals, they are good imo.
But the show itself it sucks terribly.
The characters are not interesting except for Saron and Stamets, funnily enough because they do act like real starfleet officers in the show.
Burnham and her constant whispering… I cant tolerate it anymore.
The addition of the Crusher kid was another cringe development.

As for the story itself really who cares? So many plot holes so many inconsistencies, its horrendous.

So nobody in the last 900 years thought of decoding of the black boxes to determine what happened with the burn?

And once they find out what happened then what? What does that change anything and more importantly what does it matter for the plot? I think I can answer it, it does absolutely nothing.

Honestly, the crew attempting to solve the Burn is like a bunch of medieval barbers tryin to find a cure for AIDS.

So, a run-of-the-mill tardigrade is a water bear. Is a space-tardigrade then a space bear? And Stamets has received powers beyond those of ordinary people thanks to super-science based on space bear abilities (might even qualify as a lab accident?). So by the law of superhero naming, does that make him Space Bear Man?

That’s only the half of it; even more distressing is that they seem to be the only people in the universe who even took seriously the IDEA of solving the mystery. It’s akin to a bunch of medieval barbers not just trying to find a cure for AIDS, but if everyone else in the late 20th and early 21st century had never even bothered to look into it.

This is a great description. The writer’s just gloss over this tech/knowledge divergence like it’s no different then learning how to use a touch screen phone after a life on a flip phone. Easy. Let’s go run Starfleet like they owe us.

It would be vaguely plausible if the entire galaxy had descended into chaos and barbarism. But we’ve seen Earth; it seems fine - pretty much the same as it always has. Are you telling me that of the billions of people living there, none of them has thought to investigate the greatest catastrophe the galaxy has even undergone?

This week, on Feels Trek: Emotionry

Its not about ‘wanting’ to investigate’ - its about the ability to pull it off - they can’t run wildly all over the galaxy to look for clues, they haven’t the dilithium, warp drive or the resources to go looking for maguffi… errr… blackboxes - and where these things seem to be (ship graveyards) are always run by bad people that need killin.

I keep up plot-wise with DISCO…cause the big ideas are always kinda interesting. Kinda sometimes

But I did watch Space Hitler’s debriefing by David Cronenberg. HOLY SHIT that was good!! Why can’t the whole show be that good??

And FTR …I greatly liked PICARD …until the final ep when just basic storytelling and everything went right out the window