Star Trek Episodes that Cannot Happen- [spoilers for Star Trek 90210]

  1. Amok Time. Vulcan is toast.

  2. Journey to Babel. Amanda is dead and Spock and his Dad are pals.

    • the Forge* Star Trek, Enterprise. See No. 1
  3. The Voyage Home See No.1. Perhaps they could change part of the setting.

  4. Reunification. TNG See No.1 yet again.

I await your intelligent comment and choices.

The Forge can still happen, because the events of Enterprise happened before the events of the new movie.

Enlighten me. I remember Captain Archer conversing with Sarak (sp) but I thought they were on Vulcan in their own time.

Enterprise was a prequel.

Indeed. That will teach me to post after midnight.

Wait. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but didn’t they do the old hand-wavium thing by making this a different timeline ala Enterprise?

Or is your point that these episodes couldn’t happen with the new cast? Cuz I doubt that was going to happen, anyways. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the ‘parallel timelines’ resource means that any storyline is possible. Just like the Imaginary Tale dodge that DC pulled to marry off Superman, reveal his identity, etc.

Humor: It is a difficult concept. :slight_smile:

I am amusing myself.

Enterprise isn’t a different timeline even though a lot of Trek nerd purists want it to be.

I’ll ignore the “nerd”, but maybe we can do something with this. We saw Romulans in Enterprise and they know wha they look like in *Star Trek 90210. That would be a common time line…I will also ignore for the moment there being a USS Archer in one of the TNG movies.

Why? We spent three years arguing 24 weeks out of the year about a TV series neither of us really liked that much. Call a spade a spade – we’re nerds.

As to your main point this Star Trek *is *a different timeline. The other ten movies and five (six if you want to be nice and include the cartoon) series are in one and this one another that also includes *Enterprise *since it was before the movie.

Pike is already in a wheelchair, so The Cage would probably be right out, ditto for The Menagerie. Kirk grew up in Iowa rather than on Tarsus IV, so that means The Conscience of the King would either not happen or happen quite differently, and he never served on the Farragut (seeing as it got blowed up) so Obsession would be out too.

Calm yourself, Aes. HITADC. :slight_smile:

I must turn it my nerd decoder ring, for I have forgotten the name of the episode with the flying pizzas and Vulcan second eyelines, and Kirk’s nonexistent Brother’s family.

No one in this thread is upset.

What does HITADC mean?

Operation: Annihilate! (Found it by googling fried eggs star trek)

Balance of Terror - Since the Federation knows what Romulans look like.

Humor. It is a difficult concept.


Thanks, xnyldr.

I read once in a science-fiction story whose title I’ve long forgotten that time is a river. Minor disruptions may cause ripples in the surface, major disruptions may change its course, but eventually it will find its way to the sea. (I know, sometimes rivers don’t, but it’s a metaphor!)

Anyway, something like Amok Time could still happen, as the movie makes it clear that several thousand Vulcans survive, including those specifically tasked with preserving the culture, and “Spock Prime” is going to help them set up a colony on a new planet, which they may very well decide to call Vulcan and never speak of that past unpleasantness again. So The Voyage Home could be OK too.

Something like The Cage (and therefore The Menagerie could still happen. I don’t think it was established that Pike’s condition was permanent at the end of the film, so he could still end up on Talos IV (even if not as the captain of the Enterprise or with Spock as an officer).

Journey to Babel: Wracked with guilt over his inability to save his mother’s life, new Spock plucks Amanda from a parallel time line. Sarek disapproves. Or Sarek, longing to be reunited with Amanda, plucks her from a parallel time line and Spock disapproves. Or Sarek and Spock Prime disagree vehemently on the best way to manage New Vulcan. New Spock naturally takes old Spock’s side, causing a rift between him and his father that is only reconciled by a visit from Spock’s rarely mentioned aunt Flo.

In the sequel, Spock will have a beard.

You read it here first. Or maybe not.

And Operation: Annihilate! could be made if Kirk’s cousin Barney and family lived on the planet overrun with fried eggs instead of his brother.
And if my Grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon. :slight_smile: