Star Trek Is A COMMIE PINKO SHOW!!! (I Have Proof!)

Just look at their logo! Where have you seen something that looked like that before? Interesting that the quality of the shows has been going down, while the quality of the Chinese space program has been going up, doncha think?

Vell, after all, Space travel was inwented in Wrussia.

N U C L E A R Wessels! Where do you keep your nuclear wessels?

Godless, too; don’t forget godless.

Only Nixon could go to China.

Please. Just because food is immediately provided via replicator and that there’s hardly a currency based economy doesn’t mean the Federation is a bunch of Godless pinko Commie bastards.

I mean, c’mon. They beat and assimilated the Georgia. . . I mean Klingons, after all. . .

And they’re at war with the Cheche. . . I mean the Taliban. :smiley:

No, no, no - it’s the SULiban, not that TALiban.

It’s a TOTALLY different group of bad guys. And it’s just a HUGE coincidence that the names are so close. I won’t believe otherwise.

Kn(LALALALA - I’m not listening!)ckers
P.S.: I still believe in the Easter Bunny, too.