Star Trek Squire of Gothos, Speculation

Trelane the ultimate naughty child. Gives Kirk and company fits. :smiley: This episode is so much fun. Swashbuckling sword fights, duels, and a pretty Ensign in a ball gown.

The look on Kirks face when he realizes that he was a child’s plaything is priceless. :smiley:

I wonder… could he be a very young Q?

Certainly it seems the TNG writers based Q on Trelane? The similarities are so obvious.

Care to Speculate?

He could be a very old Q, looking like a child and acting like one, but I don’t think he could be a young Q, because Q-junior is the first new Q in a “long time,” isn’t he?

Although time is relative to noncorporial beings that can jump back and forward through it… So maybe he’s a few generations after Q-Junior, but yukking it up in TOS era.

It’s almost canon that he was. Peter David based a whole novel on the concept (“Q-Squared”)

I had understood it to be Canon that yes, Trelaine was a young being of Q’s “race”.

The Squire used a mechanical device for some reason, and Q of TNG is never shown to need one.

While I suppose the mechanical aid is only needed by the young who haven’t fully developed their powers (or understanding of the natural laws of the Universe) yet, it still could be seen as an argument against.

Depends on how you define canon. It’s never been established on-screen that I’m aware of, but it’s also something that pretty much every fan of both TOS & TNG thinks likely.

But his parents didn’t need any aids, so that could be an argument for.

I saw Squire of Gothos a few nights ago on a local station. I hadn’t seen it in a decade. I was amazed at how Q like Trelane was.

There were several aliens in the original series that I wanted to revist in TNG or the other series.

Remember the planet that will soon be invaded by klingons? Kirk goes to warn them and setup defenses. The people refuse to protect themselves. They are appalled by violence. Turns out they are highly advanced and stop the war.

I always wanted to learn more about that race. It’s a shame none of the series revisited them.

Wild guess and without researching it but maybe Q was modeled after Trelane.

ETA:From Memory Alpha

Well, neither did the Organians, the Metrons, or the Thasians. Lack of instrumentality is not proof of Q either.

But I see that I am arguing in circles. Sorry. :slight_smile:

This thread is Absolutely Smashing!

That would be the Organians. They aren’t seen directly (except apparently in Enterprise), but the consequences of their actions are far-reaching in later episodes and movies. In “Errand of Mercy”, they enforced the Treaty of Organia between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. It was this treaty that established the Neutral Zone, which came up time and again later. Specifically, in “The Trouble with Tribbles”, the treaty’s provisions regarding development of contested planets and sharing of shore leave facilities formed the setup for the entire plot of the episode.

The Organian Peace Treaty arose from the events of “Errand of Mercy” - the Organians were clearly unknown as being powerful before then, or else both the Federation and Klingons would have avoided them. I assume that they had been contacted and were thought to be a race in stasis as their disguise.
The Neutral Zone was established after the Romulan War, a century before TOS, and had nothing to do with the Organians. There was clearly no neutral zone between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. And good for Gerrold for actually recognizing that previous episodes existed, unlike most of the writers.

Blish’s ST novel described an attempt by the Klingons to get the Organians out of the picture.

Anyone notice how both Trelane and Q were flamingly effeminate?

Why clearly? Star Trek VI is full of dialogue about a neutral zone between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

It’s pretty clear from context there that they aren’t talking about the Romulan Neutral Zone, since that was effectively still a legitimate treaty zone during the run of, at least, ST:TNG.

Whenever I see that original ST episode I always think of this guy

Now you know what the Q stands for.

Apart from the Enterprise crew-member in TNG who discovers she’s the offspring of Q parents.

NOT ME!!! Actually he probably is but what’s a Star Trek thread without a pointless argument? :slight_smile:

Yeah, training wheels.