Star Trek The Motion Picture (reload)

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In ST:TMP it is stated that the V’Ger cloud reads “12 power” energy.

What does that mean? Its not treknobabbly enough!

My only guess is that it was a short way of saying it’s putting out [some standard measurement] x 10^12 of energy. The thing was able to absorb/destroy entire solar systems without much effort, and it takes some serious work to pull that one off.

Someone who’s enough of a Trek geek to remember how that compared to the entire output of Starfleet, the size of Starfleet in that time, and the power output of an average starship should be able to tell you exactly how much juice that is. It just ain’t me :slight_smile:

It’s me.

DECKER: “Ten thousand starships couldn’t generate that much…”

No explanation is given as to what twelve power means.

According to, a non-canon site but the best reference you’re going to find for this sort of discussion, Starfleet has only manufactured about 7,000 ships in its two and half centuries of existance so, in to put it in precise terms, V’ger is pretty fucking powerful

Machine people: “This one goes to ELEVEN!”
And extrapolate from there…

You would be, too, if you could carry around your own 2-A.U.-diameter cloud with you while travelling at faster-than-light speeds.