Star Trek TOS ''Miri'': Who was Louise?

This is one of those really obscure characters. She was only in one scene, going bonkers, and ended up scratching the captain, I think.

Anyone have a source as to who played her? I haven’t been able to find a source.

According to the IMDb, she was played by Kim Darby.

No, Miri herself was played by Kim Darby. The IMDb doesn’t credit a “Louise” by name; the other girl-children were credited as “blond girl,” “brunette girl” or like that. Not by name.

Here’s a fun fact: That horde of urchins included William Shatner’s daughter Melanie Shatner, a “Dawn Roddenberry” we can assume is some relation of Gene’s, and Phil Morris, son of Mission: Impossible star Greg Morris and best known as attorney Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld.

To say nothing of Michael J. Pollard.

I’m an idiot.

Another fun fact: Nitpickers Guide to TOS says that when the kids steal the communicators the security Guards are outside … so why don’t they have communicators? Sending them out on guard Kirk collected them?

re the OP: Nothing in the book on Louise except Miri sharpening pencils for Kirk after L. dies is a syndication cut

LisaBeth Shatner (another daughter) also appears as a very small girl in this episode.

It’s the little girl Shatner is holding in the end scene (or last scene on planet, been a while since I’ve seen it).

Yes, Clued-In One. That is correct.

Oops, I don’t think Melanie Shatner was in it, though. She would have been only two years old. The oldest sister, Leslie, was there.

Why is my head crammed with such things?