Star Wars as read by your favorite cartoon characters

This is the funniest thing ever

I found this on stumbleupon (so I hope the link works). It’s famous voice actors (Billy West, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche etc.) reading the script of Star Wars as their cartoon voices.

Hilariously awesome and will waste 1 hour of your life.

Thanks for this.

John DiMaggio doing Bender doing Porky Pig is classic.

It really is the A-list of voice talent.

Definitely a great vid, but seems like Tara Strong didn’t get as much voicetime as the other voice actors, I’m only familiar with her Bubbles and Twilight character voices, does she not have as extensive a character list as as Billy West (what a dumb fake name that is…) DiMaggio, LaMarche and the others?

She’s done OK.

101 Dalmatians: The Series - Spot, Two Tone, Vendela
American Dragon: Jake Long - Kara & Sara, Veronica, Stacey
Armored Core 5 - Francess “Fran” Batty Curtis, Angie, Computer voice #1
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 - Lemmy “Hip” Koopa and Iggy “Hop” Koopa
Asura’s Wrath - Durga
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Tom-Tom, Actress Azula
Batman: Arkham City: Harley Quinn
Batman The Animated Series - Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Batman The Brave And The Bold - Billy Batson, Mary Marvel, Huntress
Beetlejuice - Clare Brewster, Bertha
Ben10 - Ben Tennyson, Upgrade, Future Gwen, Buzzshock, Benwolf, Lucy, Ken Tennyson, Sandra Tennyson, Additional voices
Ben 10 Alien Force - Incursion Princess Atea
Big Time Rush - Miss Collins (live-action)
Blue Dragon - Kluke (game only)
The Boondocks - Cindy McPhearson
Camp Lazlo - Amber, Tootie, & Honey
Captain N and the Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3 - Hip and Hop Koopa
Captain N and the New Super Mario World - Hip and Hop Koopa
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion - Bubbles, Buttercup, Chowder, Dexter
Celebrity Deathmatch - Paris Hilton
Chowder - Truffles. And herself in one episode as a cameo.
Codename Kids Next Door - Mushi Sanban (Numbuh 3’s sister), Additional voices
Danny Phantom - Ember McLain, Star, Penelope Spectra, Tiffany Snow
Dan Vs. - The Bank Manager
Drawn Together - Princess Clara, Toot Braunstein
Duck Dodgers - Counselor Dish, Ellomold the Enchantress, Katma-Tui
Extreme Ghostbusters - Kylie Griffin
The Fairly Oddparents - Timmy Turner, Poof, Man-Die, Additional voices
Family Guy - Amanda, Meg’s singing voice on the season four episode “Don’t Make Me Over,” Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Japanese Girl, Jack and Sarah’s adoptive children
Fat Princess - The Princesses
Fillmore!! - Ingrid Third
Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts II - Rikku
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends - Terrence
The Garbage Pail Kids - Patty Putty
Hot Shots! Golf Fore! - Emma
Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater - Hello Kitty
Jak and Daxter - Keira (Jak 3 onward), Seem
Killer7 - KAEDE Smith
Kim Possible - Tara, Joss Possible, Britina, Espadrille
Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Furious Five - Young Tigress
La Pucelle: Tactics - Goddess Poitreene, Chocolat
The Life And Times Of Juniper Lee - Roger, Lila the Sasquatch
Lilo & Stitch: The Series - Angel (#624)
The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea - Melody
Lollipop Chainsaw - Juliet Starling
Lost Odyssey - Seth Balmore
Madeline - Chloe (Season 1).
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - X-23
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Paz Ortega Andrade
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Twilight Sparkle
Ninja Gaiden - Rachel
No More Heroes - Margaret Moonlight, Cloe Walsh
The Powerpuff Girls - Bubbles
The Proud Family - Bebe Proud, Cece Proud, Puff
Psychonauts - Sheegor
The Raccoons - Donna (one of her earliest roles)
Recess: Becky Benson, Becky Detweiler (Second voice), background characters
Rugrats/All Grown Up - Timmy McNulty, Dil Pickles
The Replacements - Sierra McCool
Shaman King - Young Yoh
Shrek 2 - Lil’ Red (video game only)
Samurai Jack - Queen/Verbina
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - Doctor Octopus 2099
Spirited Away - Yubaba’s baby (Boh)
Spyro: A Hero’s Tail - Ember, Flame
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Risha
Sym-Bionic Titan - Princess Ilana
Super Best Friends Forever - Batgirl
Tales Of Symphonia - Presea Combatir, Corrine
Teen Titans - Raven, Kitten, Kole, Teether, and Jinx and Gizmo in their final appearances.
Tekkaman Blade II - Yumi Francois/Tekkaman Hiver
The Super Hero Squad Show- Scarlet Witch and the Invisible Woman.
Transformers Animated - Sari Sumdac, Female Starscream (Slipstream), Slo-Mo, Strika, Red Alert, Mayor Edsel’s press secretary, Carly Witwicky, Teletran-1 (Basically almost any major female character)
UltimateSpider-Man- Mary Jane Watson
Wolverine and the X-Men - Dust, X-23, Stepford Cuckoos, Magik
Xiaolin Showdown - Omi


Strong’s got a pretty good resume.

But a lot of it is secondary characters (Tara from Kim Possible, frex), or leads on more obscure shows (Omi, Xaolin Showdown), or characters she took over from other people (Batgirl and Harley Quinn in various Batman projects), so a lot aren’t as recognizable, or at least not recognizable as HERS…

I would have liked to see Tress MacNeill on the panel as well; I’m sure they could have found roles for Mom (Futurama) and Dot (Animaniacs) in there somewhere.

And how did we not get Foghorn Leghorn as Obi Wan?

*No, no, boy, you’re doing it all wrong. The force controls your actions but it also obeys your commands. Look at me when I’m talkin’ to ya, boy. Ya got to put the blast shield down and feel it flow through you; the force, that is.

Nice boy, but about as smart as a bag of wet womp rats.*

Well, also could have added Frank Welker and Grey DeLisle but it was awesome with who they had. Bubbles as Darth to start was so great.

This is great, thanks for the link.

At the risk of being whooshed, Billy (well, William) West is his real name.

This video is about 5 minutes of material and 55 minutes of the stars laughing at their own jokes.

The dumb name line was used in an episode of Futurama.

The part I love the most is DiMaggio’s Bender and Jake—sounding almost exactly alike, but completely different at the same time. :smiley:

Agh! How did I forget that?! I must be missing the Delta Brainwave.

I wish Morbo had gotten a speaking part instead of R2. On the other hand, Cosby as R2 was hilarious. And I liked the Porky/Bender interaction.