Star Wars fans try to rescue the princess

The Star Wars community is rallying to save Princess Leah

Neither mundane nor pointless, but I must share. Sorry if it’s a repeat, I couldn’t find anything in a search.
Now I must go remove something from my eye. Sniff

How sweet! It’s so lovely to see a community, even a community of people who may never have met in person, rally around for a child like that. I hope little Leah gets a diagnoses and a cure.

Seventeen thousand dollars isn’t going to go very far.

Interesting that they want to “raise awareness” of a condition that hasn’t been identified yet.

Surely it will cover dinner for the 40 doctor team that’s been assigned to study her – so long as they don’t go nuts with the wine list.

How do you expect a condition to get identified before awareness is raised of it?

That’s so sweet!

I’m hoping at least some of the doctors are working for free. It seems kinda predatory to tell two desperate parents, “I’ve got no idea what’s wrong with your baby. Let’s call a few dozen of my golfing buddies to see what they think. We can probably set you up with a payment program.”

Plus, it’s Princess Leia, not Leah.

: (

But the kid is Leah, not Leia.

Very true, as the article said they are hoping that someone will read the article who either knows someone who has similar symptoms or is a doctor that may know something about the issue.

Pity, I hate seeing infants in pain, at least when a kid is old enough to be coherent you can explain to them why you have to hurt them. [believe me, spinal taps hurt like a motherfucker. I had one when I was 5. ]

Yeah, I hope if I am ever in that situation the docs just throw up their hands and send us to hospice :rolleyes: