Star Wars on DVD (unboxed spoilers)

I got my DVDs at Costco last night and hurried home to look at them. I have not watched the 2+ hour documentery yet. But I did look around at some of the films. I’m not sure, but the shootout between Han and Greedo looks different. The shots seem more simultaneous.
Biggest thing: At the end of ROTJ, Luke looks to see the spirits of Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin. Anakin is no longer the Old guy, but the young Anakin from SW II & III

I’d heard rumors they were going to stick a shot of Portman in ROTJ when Leia talks of her mother – did they?

Sir Rhosis

No, Natalie Portman doesn’t appear in ROTJ, at least, not that I could see. BTW, the transfers and cleanup of the films is absolutely spectacular. One of the best DVD transfers in history.

Yep, the films look brighter and sharper than ever. The Greedo shoots first scene doesn’t look good regardless of whether it should be in the film.

I didn’t care for some of the changes in the Death Star battle, though.

Also, the outer boxes are extremely flimsy and cheap looking.

One more thing I noticed. When Obi-Wan cut’s off the tractor beam power, it no longer says **TRACTOR BEAM ** in english characters. There is the unknown script instead.

Though I could definitely live without the updates (the contrast between gratuitous modern CGI and late '70s and early '80s special effects in the same movie is awkward at best), otherwise the movies look great. I’m lost as to why with all the updating they didn’t update the existing computer graphics within the movies, though, those look incredibly dated.

Otherwise, my only other complaint is the sheer number of bastardized fullscreen copies they had and how few widescreen. I guess I’m one of those irritating people who has no idea why anybody would want the butchered version when the full one is available…of course, if I felt otherwise, my dad would come back to haunt me.