Starbucks Coffee - Why does everyone think it so expensive

A lot of people I know refuse to go to Starbucks because they think the coffee is too expensive. However, they happily go to Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t know if they all have the same prices but around here a large coffee at Starbucks is $1.80 (with tax) and a large coffee at Dunken Dounuts is $1.74 (with tax). There is another little Mom and Pop place (I can’t remember the name) that has OK coffee. It is $1.69. Not a big difference.

I agree the special espresso drinks like a latte are pretty expensive, but the coffee seems to be basically the same price.

So why does everyone think Starbucks’ coffee is so expensive? The only places I can think of where you get coffee significantly cheaper is a gas station, but the quality is pretty bad.

But who goes to Fourbucks to get a plain coffee? I realize it’s a bit apples to pears, but most people going there are getting a fancy beverage, and all of those frappelattes, mochawhozies and such do cost quite a bit.

Both my husband and son. Neither of them like the foofy drinks, they both drink plain coffee and they both love Starbucks house blend. And they’ve both said this same thing to people who complain about the cost of Starbucks – that the fancy drinks are pricey, but their plain coffee is competitively priced. Me, I don’t like Starbucks – it’s too strong. If we go to Starbucks I usually get a hot tea (about the same price as plain coffee), or sometimes a Chai Latte (which is on the fancy-foofy end of the price scale). If I’m drinking coffee, I’d just as soon go to my mom’s house and get me some good old Yuban.

Indeed, the attraction to Starbucks isn’t the plain-jane Columbian, it’s the “foofy drinks.” Mind you I think their coffee is vile – they seem not to roast their beans so much as char them. Great if they sold steaks. Coffee, not so much. Plus, any so-called “hip” coffee shop whose idea of flavoured coffee is to add syrup to a normal coffee deserves a special concession stand in the worst neighbourhood of hell.

I rarely go for the specialty stuff, but once in a while I do like to go to Second Cup for a chai latte. Most of the time though Tim Horton’s gets my money. It’s damn good coffee (when the revolving-door employees get it right anyway), it’s cheaper, and I live essentially right next to one. (There’s a Timothy’s even closer to me, but it’s just as expensive as Starbucks or Second Cup, and their chai is revolting)

I think most of the people who complain about the coffee prices at Starbucks are getting fancy coffee drinks.

Though, come to think of it, Starbucks coffee at $1.80 for a large coffee is expensive compared to buying coffee in bags (whole bean or ground) and making it yourself.

Not sure what gas station you go to, but around here we have AM/PMs that have pretty good coffee. $.99 for 16 oz (I think. It’s been awhile since I usually just wait til I get to work). Best part is you walk in, pour it yourself then pay and leave. No waiting in line, ordering, waiting for them to make it, etc, etc. In and out in <3 mins. Every morning I drive by a Starbucks with many cars backed up in the drive through, and the parking lot is a zoo of people trying to park and go in. Doesn’t really make sense to go there unless you want some kind of fooffy coffee drink.
I don’t really like the flavor coffees, but a small shot of Flavored Coffe in AM/PMs dark roast hits the spot. I use that in lieu of cream.
[Dennis Leary] Wake up and smell the Maple Nut Crunch! [/DL] Funniest standup routine I have ever heard, Dennis talking about the flavored coffees.

People who like coffee that tastes like burnt rabbit poopr

I also find that the coffee at Starbucks is charred.

As for making it at home, it may be cheaper but coffee is a luxury to start with. I want it my way, and my way includes having someone make it for me. I’m willing to pay the extra price for that.

It’s not so much the price at Starbucks (although I do think it’s a bit expensive). It’s the taste. Starbucks coffee tastes awful.

From my memory of coffee house history, Starbucks was among the first to offer ‘high-end’ coffee drinks to the U.S. general public and thus gained a reputation for being expensive. Other places have come along with just as high prices but Starbucks still has that reputation since they were the first in the game and it hasn’t been that many years.

Give it another 15-20 years or so and I’d bet that reputation will fade.

In college, I went to Starbucks for the plain coffee because it was the cheapest option at the most convenient location. That stuff could keep me awake and aware for hours at a time. I never bought anything else because it all cost more than three bucks.

Unfortunately, it does taste like burnt rabbit poo. Now I just go to a gas station or donut shop if one is nearby.

Medium coffee, at the Starbucks near school: $2.00
Medium coffee, Tim Hortons: $1.30

And Timmy’s doesn’t suck. 'Nuff said.