Starbucks commercial.

Didn’t care at all for the Glen and Roy predecessors but I really like that “Hank” one.


That is all.

Nuh nuh nuh nuhhhhh nuh - HANK!!!

We sing along with this one at home.

This commercial almost makes me awant to change my name to Hank, it’s so good.

Its very close in nature to my favorite commerical ever:

A guy is jogging thru a neighborhood. Another guy starts running beside him with a boombox pumping “Eye of the Tiger.” The first guy starts sprinting to shake the “Eye of the Tiger” guy and eventually pushes him over. He then turns back, helps EotT guy up, apologizes, and starts running again with EotT guy in hot pursuit. The tag line, “Finish Line: We really like runners.”

Eh, maybe you have to be a runner to like it. The HANK! one is classic.

I really do like the “Glen” commercial. But then, I’m their target demographic.

Their advertising worked.