Starbucks offers free coffee for voters!

Starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee tomorrow for all those who vote:

Anyone else as excited about this as I am?

You don’t have to show an “I voted” sticker or anything? Won’t people just go and get a free cup of coffee without voting?

It’s not just SBUX, it’s also Krispy Kreme and Ben and Jerry’s.

Krispy Kreme is offering patriotic star-shaped donuts, while Ben and Jerry’s are offering one free scoop of ice cream.

One of my fave local restaurants, When Pigs Fly, is giving free beer to voters. All you have to do is show up at their bar with an “I voted” sticker, and get one draft beer of your choosing, free.

According to this they could get themselves in trouble. I hope not though. I’d be kinda silly.

But B&J are only offering it in a narrow window during the late afternoon/early evening, so after waiting for hours in line to vote, you can wait hours in line for Phish Phood. :dubious:

That’s nothing. Babeland is offering free vibrators if you vote.

So according to this link, you don’t actually have to vote to get the free coffee. My question is, how are they going to enforce the one-cup-per-person limit?

Ugh! I don’t live anywhere near a retail store…if I mail you my sticker, can you go for me?

I hate to be a party pooper, but such promotions may be illegal in California.
Years ago Trader Joe’s would give you a free Hershey bar if you showed your I voted card here in California. Didn’t matter who you voted for, just that you voted.
Anyway at one election, TJ’s had bought 1.2 Bazillion Hershey bars to give out. A day or two before the election, they got a letter from the State government stating that such giveaways are illegal in California.
AIR giving anything away in trade for a vote is illegal in California.
As a result, TJ had one hell of a sale on Hershey bars.

I was registered non-partisan in California. One time (2000?) I voted, and the Republican party were offering a free doughnut to people who voted. I voted for the Democrat. Still got my doughnut. :smiley:

:slight_smile: I bet that tasted good!

I remember in 1972 Dunkin Donuts was offering a free donut to anyone with an “I Voted – Have You?” stub from their ballot. When 1976 came around, and I voted in my first Presidential election, I was very disappointed to learn that they had ceased and desisted from the practice.

What would be cool is if Starbucks and those other folks would have coupons available at the polling places, to be given to anyone for the asking, whether they vote or whether they don’t.

Free donuts and coffee? ‘Tain’t nuthin’

When I got my free coffee this morning at Starbucks, the barista said no proof was required. If you want a free cup of coffee, just ask for it.

Last time around, I traded in my sticker for a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A.

I’ll be doing the same later today.

Oh great…2 impossibly long lines in one day

I got a free coffee at Caribou this morning, but that may have been a personal choice of my barista.

They didn’t have any damn stickers at my voting location! :mad:

Now I can’t stick it onto my nameplate at work, along with my previous I Voted! sticker and my “be nice to me, I gave blood today!” sticker. I try to cover all bases of self-righteousness. :wink:

Maybe there’s a way to claim it online?

ETA: Looked online, and appears not.