Stardust Quetion-- No Spoilers Please!!

I am avoiding the other thread on Stardust because I don’t want to read any spoilers, so I’m going to ask here. I would like to take my seven year old son to see the movie, and I wanted to know the dopers opinions on whether it was appropriate. All the “kid’s movie review” type sites are sort of Christian based, and that’s not really what I’m interested in.

I don’t mind nudity, or profanity. I don’t even mind violence, to a point. What I’m interested in is “intensity,” for lack of a better word, and also, just generally whether or not you think a kid his age (he is quite smart, though) would be interested in/be able to follow the plot. I haven’t read the book ( I decided not to when I heard how involved Neil Gaiman was in the production, and thought it might be fun to see the movie without any preconceptions), so I don’t know how complicated it is.

He really is a smart kid, and he likes fantasy a lot. He’s seen Lord of the Rings, and followed that with only a couple explanations. That’s pretty much the most violent movies he’s ever seen though. Is Stardust about on that level? I don’t want anything too frightening, but he really has a very good grasp on reality, and is rarely frightened.

Does anyone who’s seen it have any opinions?

ETA: I was thinking of taking him to Pan’s Labyrinth when it came out, but read it was kinda violent in parts, so I left him home. I am so glad I did! Whoo, what a movie! So I’m trying to avoid stumbling into something like that.

It’s less violent than LOTR, but there is a somewhat cartoonish throat-slashing scene.

Naw, there’s a little gore, but most of it is off camera (and most inflicted on animals). No where close to Pan’s Labyrinth. There are also some threats that one of the characters may get raped at one point and one over the top homosexual character, which some parents might find objectionable.

ETA: But it is a fairly tale, so as long as you don’t mind the above, I think a little kid would really enjoy it.

Another vote for perfectly safe. Even the violence has a “Princess Bride” like levity to it. (Robert Deniro’s character is who he’ll probably have the most questions about and that has nothing to do with violence :stuck_out_tongue: .)

I have a question too. In the book, I think the first word out of Yvaine’s mouth is “f***”. Did they leave that in the movie?

He already understands homosexuality, so that’s fine; rape less so (but I doubt he’d really understand it anyway, as the actual mechanics of sexual intercourse or sort of blurry to him). Sounds like he will be fine.

Oh, now I’m excited! He’s pretty much the only person I know who will go with me to something like this and actually like it. Yay! Thanks guys!

Okay, now I have a question. Did anyone catch the name of Captain Shakespeare’s ship? I know that they show the bow once in the film, and there is a nameplate above the entrance to the cabin. I couldn’t make it out either time.