Staro Treko??

Definitely mundane, totally useless and trivial, but I think interesting to at least two on-line friends:

William Shatner starred in the only movie ever made in Esperanto.

It’s the only movie where all the dialog is in Esperanto. But:
[ul][li]In “The Great Dictator”, all the signs in the “Jewish” part of town were in Esperanto[/li][li]In “Gattaca” the public address announcements in the Gattaca Corporation headquarters building are in Esperanto[/li][/ul]

Another reason why GATTACA is such a stupid movie. Everyone speaks English, so the announcements are in Esperanto. The writer was really out to lunch.

Tute mirinde! Mi neniam iros vidi TIUN filmon!

Gattaca freaked me out bad. Mostly due to the genetic engineering, but also partly due to the Esperanto. Kiu volas audi Nian Karan Lingvon uzatan por tiaj celoj?

Incidentally, I’ve heard a sound clip from the Shatner movie (Incubus/Inkubo) and can tell you that the pronunciation is absolutely dreadful.