Starship Troopers Are not Harsh Mistresses

Are we indeed talking about the movie? Because I totally agree that their military strategy was awful. Where was the air support? Where was the mechanized armor?

I don’t remember ‘brain bugs’ in the book, but it’s been a few years since I last read it. I remember the bugs were not nearly as diverse as the ones in the movie - there were warrior bugs and worker bugs, and the only way to tell them apart was that worker bugs did not attack you. They also built spaceships, cities with railroads, etc.

There were warrior bugs, drones or worker bugs, brain bugs (with legs and a body that was very very small in relation to the rest of it, IIR), and, in theory, queens.

The terrans had dead samples of all of those save queens, and queens were only a theoretical.

Verhoevan was an idiot who bought into the myth that Heinlein was portraying a fascist state. Idiots.

I don’t know, a director who can work a co-ed shower scene into not just one, but multiple sci-fi/action films can’t be entirely idiotic.

Are Showgirls harsh mistresses?

FWIW: I liked the book and the movie, but for different reasons.

The two were not really all that similar either.

The MI were mechanized armor in the book; also, in the book the bugs had nothing but giant spiders, so a platoon of well-armed MI didn’t need much air support.

What made the mission on planet P “disastrous?” The M.I. accomplished the primary objective, and Rico survived. True enough that things didn’t go according to plan – but that’s to be expected in a combat zone.

Hear that, minty green?

Sorry, minor hijack there.

It was “Operation Bughouse” (Operation Madhouse as Rico calls it) that was a disaster.

OK, the movie was loathable. But how many enjoyed the “Roughnecks” cartoon. Much closer to the book.

Did anyone else even see it?

I’ve been curious about the cartoon but I’ve shied away since it’s aimed at kids.

And the warrior bugs in the books had projectile weapons.

The cartoon is aimed at kids? I hadn’t noticed. It’s surprisingly well written.

Indeed. It was pretty darn violent at times. They crippled a character, and killed another, turned another into a bug, etc. etc.

Not exactly kids fare, and if I recall it was solidly aimed at an older kid market when it was shown with other cartoons that were for slightly older chilluns.

‘tweens’ is whast they call 'em in marketing, I think.

You guys are talking about Starship Trooper, right?