Starvation in America

They do exist. My mother-in-law was both an Appalachian native (as well as being 3/4 or so Native on top of that) and a vegetarian.

Although she was known to have shot a rattlesnake or two. They made very fine belts after she got done with them. She just didn’t eat them.

Then again, the MIL wouldn’t have starved, either - large garden, some knowledge of local wild foods, small orchard on her property, and an extended family.

How many die of malnutrition, yearly?

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In my part of the country it would be very hard for a person to starve because of the generosity of the people who live here. While we have numerous food banks in the area, the people that would open their wallets or pantry for the truly needy are to many to be counted.

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My ex-Americorps teammate who is also an ex-anarchist hippie who lived in a van and scavenged all her food told me that, assuming one was in a fairly populated area, it’d be very hard to starve to death unless you had some kind of mental or physical disability that made dumpster-diving and the like impossible.

Death from exposure to elements would seem to me more likely than dying of starvation for homeless people.

The link shares some data on hunger rates, but it’s really hard to find data on starvation rates. One site suggested that most deaths aren’t recorded as “starvation”. They’re recorded as “malnutrition” or other causes that might be linked to problems caused by starvation.

I’m guessing it’s likely that deaths here related to starvation, but not often solely due to starvation. So, for example, pneumonia or flu that you don’t fight off, because you’re weak.

Not sure how to get to a rate from there. I thought for sure one of the hunger groups would have one, but no one seems to.

I understand that Christopher McCandless officially died of starvation - but perhaps “stupidity” would be more accurate.

McCandless was also living on his own in Alaska in a derelict school bus through the winter, and was scavenging wild foods. It’s possible he ate something toxic and the resulting illness made him too weak to take care of himself.

Pretty hard to starve to death when it is pretty easy to get one’s self arrested. Think of the US judicial system as the bottom rung of the social safety net.