Starwars/National Treasure cross over

How would your story go , if you changed the format of starwars to a national treasure format. While I like Nick Cage, Im not going to request his presence in the movie, but using known starwars canon how would you structure it.


Strictly speaking, National Treasure’s shtick is reliant on widely recognisable American iconography and history, which Star Wars doesn’t really have, at least as far as audience recognition is concerned.

Perhaps you mean generic Indiana Jones-type adventures with tombs and catacombs and powerful mystical objects?

This is such a strange OP, I’m not sure what to think.

What can I say, it was a thought that crossed my mind when I was reading that other thread.


It would probably involve Millard fillmore’s lightsaber.

I wanted to do a Star Wars fan film once, back when those were still new and cool, about two Jedi locating the sacred object that was the very first lightsabre, which had been stolen by its creator’s direct ancestor, and they have a big duel over it inside a cathedral-like building in the middle of a jungle.