State Agency tries to go Viral with cleaning video

The agency I work for really wants to go viral with a video they produced on a green, make at home cleaner. It’s pretty good, considering it was produced by a bunch of tree-hugging public involvement folks. :slight_smile:

Check it out:

Feedback is appreciated, of course. After all, our motto is “Working with you for a better Washington” (I did not write motto or work on this video).

Wait, if you’re telling me it’s supposed to go viral…
… I think someone at your agency misinformed you on how “viral” videos start.

They asked that we put it around the web. I personally think we are a bunch of nutbars who should just stick to doing the jobs we were paid to do…

But, will it blend?

I posted it to my Facebook account, so maybe three more people will click on it! I don’t have many friends…lol.

But wait…didn’t they PAY you people while you were making this?

I love the blonde at 1:06.

That’s not gonna go viral.

Good idea, poorly executed. I was particularly turned off with the “bounce” effect in the black-and-white portion. Also, the words obscure the people’s faces at times, which is pretty annoying.

As Wilbo523 said, it won’t be going viral.

Now the song, on the other hand, is pretty earwiggy. Not sure if that was what your agency was intending.

Yes, they did pay some of the public involvement folks to do this. We are trying to keep up with technology, which means some of the folks blog, and tweet, and whatnot. I just don’t think that the people of my state think that paying employees to make videos is cost effective. It’s one of the things that privatizing would probably have worked really well for, since we’re a bunch of dorks here.

I kept expecting Mike & the Bots to pop up in the corner and offer their opinions.