State CPS goes after Mariah Carey for drinking Guinness beer while breastfeeding?

This little item was from TMZ.

Children’s Services Visits Mariah Carey

How is this any of their business?

When I was born, my mother was living near my father’s people; his parents were born in East Galway. She was encouraged to have a Guinness to help with the milk.

Guinness is rather low in alcohol & I wouldn’t look down on any nursing mother who enjoyed one on occasion…

I seriously doubt that anyone at CPS actually thinks Mariah is endangering her kid. I imagine they have to check every complaint out as a formality, because it would look horrible if they didn’t investigate a complaint about a child who later ended up horribly abused or dead.
The person who called to complain about it may have just been trying to cause trouble and may not have even really been upset about it.

Might be more about catching whoever the person is thats advising new mothers to drink beer.


I was advised by the le leche league to drink beer* back in the day to promote milk production. I ended up with a 30# kid under the age of one who was completely breast fed. Seemed to work for him.

*not lots 'o beer. Just one beer per feeding in the afternoon/evening hours. Max two per day.

I’ve been advised by my physician that drinking a small amount while breast feeding won’t do much of anything to the baby and as such I’ve had a couple of drinks since Junior was born (4 maybe?)

He doesn’t even get drowsy after, even when he was exclusively breast fed so I’m not particularly concerned.

It’s really not like drinking while pregnant and whomever reported Mariah Carey should get bent.

Now, now. What kind of attitude is that? You know that everybody is a better parent than you are and want you to know it. This is the ultimate manifestation of that. It takes a village, dontchaknow.

They should go after her for naming those poor babies Moroccan and Monroe.

Those are easily some of the dumbest baby names I’ve ever heard.

I cannot believe CPS has the time to go investigate tips that someone might have drank beer while breastfeeding. I’m always hearing out CPS case workers are overloaded and can’t get to all their high priority cases. How did they find the time to “investigate” some ridiculous allegation that isn’t even illegal or proven dangerous.

I suppose I’m really asking why they are even responding to this accusation. It’s not remotely illegal to a have a beer and breastfeed babies, it’s not illegal to smoke and breastfeed babies. Why would they even respond to a call about this? There is nothing in her behavior which is actionable. It like someone complaining she’s eating fattening food and breastfeeding babies.

“Nick Cannon revealed that Child Protective Services was called to the hospital where Mariah Carey is still laid up after giving birth to twins … because of allegations of drinking and drug use.”

From the original story linked at the bottom - reported claims were larger than what it looks like its turning out to be. Either that or spin is happening very fast from her camp.