State divided?

I was wondering if any of you guys can tell me which state is the only state that can be divided into 2, 3, or 4 states by permission of Congress? It was a bonus question on my test for Amercian Gov’t. I put Texas but it was purely a guess.

TX is correct. When it joined the Union it was part of the agreement that it could divide into 2 to 5 states giving the area 2 to 8 extra Senators. There’s no way it would be allowed to happen today.


Whether it would be allowed or not is open to debate. The argument is often given that Texas is the only state that entered the Union by treaty. This is not correct. The treaty in question was never approved by the Senate, and Texas entered the Union by a joint resolution of congress. The following link has some information about the case:

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As recently as the 1920’s, Alaska nearly was carved up into 3 or 4 parts, each of which could’ve become states (the 4 least populous states, to be sure).

It wouldn’t get you extra credit on your test, Killu, but it’s another one of those “What If?” scenarios.