State of Indiana Require Social Security Card for Loans?!?

I just went over to a Nissan dealer in Indianapolis to pick up a new car lease that I will title in Michigan. We had all of the paperwork complete and were signing papers when they asked to see my social security card, not just give them the number they wanted to see the actual card! Like most people my age I haven’t seen my card in well over 20 years so I called BS!

I told them that I already had an active loan thru Nissan Finance and wasn’t going to title the car in Indiana, so just give me my car. They called around to several people in their organization and got different answers from everyone. Finally the dealerships lawyer chimed in and told them that the Indiana DMV would not release tags for the car without a social security card being shown and that they would repo the car after the temporary tags expired If I don’t provide them with one.

Is this legal? I was always told that a social security card couldn’t be used as an ID and that you were not supposed to carry them around with you. What is Indiana trying to accomplish with this law? Is it to dissuade illegals from getting loans? The Social security card is issued by the Federal government, how can a state require it for a loan that isn’t even based in their state?

I drove away with the car with a promise to apply for a new card and send them a copy. Could they actually repo my car if I don’t send them one?

I grew up 10 miles away from the Indiana border and have had to deal with all sorts of strange laws. I even worked there for a few years and had to deal with “Indiana” time zone for half a year. Needless to say, I now have yet another reason to dislike the state of Indiana.

Must be new - we bought a new car a year ago, and I don’t remember having to do that.

Have you called the Indiana DMV?

For what it’s worth, I’ve recently had experiences where you present a photo ID and then get asked for some secondary piece of ID — which can be a social security card, but can also be another photo ID (like a passport or a military ID) or even a credit card or a debit card. Figuring, for the sake of argument, that that policy is legal, I wonder if they heard about it and then wrongly zeroed in on a specific?

There website only says that a social security card is one of the ways to prove your identity for REAL ID drivers license. Other options are W-2’s, pay stubs with SSN or passport. The sales guy told me he had to show a social security card when he moved up from Tennessee. He also said that they took his Tennessee ID and gave him a temporary Indiana license until he could provide a social security card. WTH? I am assuming that he is not lying to me since he wanted to sell the car.

My guess is that you need some standard of ID to register a car in Indiana, but they weren’t getting it through their skulls that you were not going to register the car in Indiana and thus did not need the Indiana DMV to “release tags” to you.

Not related to buying a car, but involves the State of IN, driving, and Soc. Sec.

A few years back, I was living/working in IN sufficiently long that I applied for an IN driver’s license. You had to show (IIRC) 3 IDs from a specific list. One was your SS card. Doubt I’ve seen my card in 40 yrs. But, I’ve worked for Social Security for 30 years, and underwent a somewhat intense security clearance regarding my current position. But neither a paystub from SS with my number, nor my photo/chipped ID were acceptable substitutes - they had to have the little piece of cardboard! :smiley:

Nope, they specifically told me that BMV would not process the paperwork without seeing the actual card. Or in my case an emailed photocopy!

To add confusion in Ohio it’s called the DMV and in Michigan it’s called the Secretary of State. WTF? When I first moved to Michigan and started getting letters from the Secretary of State I thought it was a court order!

Not tags, but they do have to transfer title showing that there is a lean on the car. My cousin (who was with me) just bought a new truck in Indiana just 2 months before this but he paid cash and they let him drive away with no mention of a social security card requirement. We drove away convinced that they were just doing this to discourage illegals from coming to Indiana and applying for loans on cars.

That’s an unexpected sentence in any context.

Sounds like it’s a bank thing more than the DMV. That’s why they didn’t need it for a cash purchase, (no bank involved). As for whether they can actually repo your car, read the fine print in your loan documents. That’s what will control.

[Pedant]That’s lien[/P]

I was thinking, “Oh, grasshopper…” myself.

Nope, I believe it was because he not only paid cash but that he also put his Ohio tags on the car. The loan was thru Nissan Finance which isn’t located in Indiana and I already had financed my last three cars with them. Dealer said it was the BMV that required the social security card, not Nissan finance.

I’d tell them to go soak their heads and buy the car somewhere else. I don’t give out my SS number to anyone.

It’s called the DMV in California and that’s where most TV and movie script writers come from, so most people think it must be called that everywhere.

Nissan Finance already had my social security number and I’ve paid off 3 cars through them. So it wasn’t like I was some unknown stranger looking to pull a fast one on them. :dubious:

I wouldn’t have thought of illegals at first but instead identity thieves and other criminal elements. I would think it is in response to that blight on humanity located at the northern edge of their western border.