State of the Sequels

Does anyone here know the status of the sequels for Narnia, The Golden Compass, and Twilight? I’m not personally invested in these series - actually didn’t like em - but have friends and students who are curious. Are they being made? Should they be?
( and What’s up with the Harry Potter and James Bond series, and the Hobbit for that matter.) I know I could troll the internet for answers, but I’m interested in opinions, snark and humor on the subject too. and are your friends.

I don’t care for any of those series either. Remember that Harry Potter 6 was ALREADY supposed to be released, but Warner realized they made enough money last year on Batman and decided to hold onto it so it’d help their 2009 budget. Totally lame.

Disney dumped Narnia after disappointing box office & DVD sales for Caspian, leaving Walden to look for another company to do the rest with. Walden not doing too well after City of Ember, tho I’d think Journey to the Center of the Earth would have made up for it. Is Inkheart a Walden production?

Harry Potter chugging along for a June (I think) release

Twilight II (Eclipse?) is casting, possibly w/Dakota Fanning

Hobbit’s in pre-prod w/ McKellen already signed as Gandalf but I don’t know if anyone else has been signed or a script finalized. Chris Lee has said he’d be glad to do the voice of Smaug the dragon, but can’t physically make the trip to New Zealand again. G del Tori, of course, directing, but P Jackson producing. Also there’s talk of a linking-movie between Hobbit & LotR.

Bond & Golden Compass (His Dark Materials trilogy) I don’t know. I’m sure there will be more Bond, at least one more with Craig.

And to if there should be- why not? Even if you don’t like any of that, there’s much worse crap greenlighted every day.

As to what I want to see-

Bond- don’t care, haven’t really watched a Bond film since Roger Moore

His Dark Mat- I’d kinda like to see it but won’t be heartbroken if not

Hobbit & link-movie- Hell to the Yeah!

Narnia- And that goes double!

Twilight- still need to see 1st one, but do want to

Potter- of course

Ted, given that I don’t believe in God, I’ll have to ask you to pray on my behalf that the linking movie never sees the light of day.

Sorry, I want to see it.:smiley:

Fine. I’ll go to Plan B: distracting Peter Jackson with hookers & blow.

In what role?


Screaming a lot.:smiley:

I really do hope they make Dawn Treader. It’s a better book than Caspian.

OTOH, Dark Materials is a hwaaaay worse book that Compass, so I don;t see how that can work.

Jane of the Volturi. She’s an extremely minor part of the second book, so I wonder if they won’t beef up her role since Fanning would then be, by far, the biggest star in the franchise.

Frylock, this article says Jane.

Well, of course Dark Materials is a worse book than Compass, as the former doesn’t exist.

His Dark Materials is the title of the entire series, which comprises Northern Lights (published as The Golden Compass in the US), The Subtle Knife, & The Amber Spyglass.

20th Century Fox has picked up the series: