Statehood for D.C.?

Not if that entire federal government was born and raised in raised in other states and only moved to Virginia for a job with the government, having never seen a Tabbacco plant in their life. What huge perks has the average DC resident reaped from their hosting the govenment. Near as i can tell the average lawmaker seethes with contempt for the residents of DC and goes out to their way to spend as little time their as possible.

But even supposing you were right and the guy who sells hotdogs outside of Lefant plaza wields undue power on the national power by virtue of his place of residence. How much of a difference is there going to be if that person is also allowed access to his own personal Senators and voting representative in Congress? If the laws against fracking or Tobacco were going to be over turned because all of the law makers residence, then they would be over turned whether or not those residents could also vote. The two are entirely unrelated. If your worried about undue resdiental influence you need to de-centralize the federal offices, not cut off voting rights.

Exapno I’m honestly confused. If DC has representation in the House and two Senators and chooses their head executive (although nominally governed by Congress) then how do they not have power like every state? In that scenario what can state do that DC couldn’t (except elect the President in the House because that happens a lot)?

I’m unclear what you’re objecting to. My post was purely in response to Ponderoid’s proposal. Having DC residents scatter their votes randomly throughout 50 states makes them meaningless. They cannot affect any decisions anywhere. They would not have an actual representative in Congress looking out for their interests. They would not be eligible for the money that is doled out state by state. They would not get to choose their own laws.

Representation is a large complex of responsibilities and rewards. Reducing it to the matter of getting a vote for President is destroying the notion and removing all the rewards. I’m against it.

OK. I thought you were referring to DCers having representation without statehood.