Staten Island Dopers OK?

I don’t even know if we have anyone here who lives on Staten Island–but I hope no one was involved in that ferry crash tongith?

They’ve docked all the Staten Island ferries–I don’t know how the hell those others are going to get home. Is there any other way on and off the Island?

There are 3 bridges connecting Staten Island with New Jersey, and one connecting it with Brooklyn.

Oh . . . I guess people can get from Manhattan to Brooklyn and then to Staten Island. Count is ten dead and 34 injured, some seriously–the films of it looked like a whole corner of the pier was taken off! can’t understand how the boat could have hit with such force.

OK, terrorist attacks. Blackouts. Ferry collisions. We’ve had enough for awhile, some other city wanna take the brunt for a month or two, now?

Here is a news link, by the way, though I don’t know how long it will remain active.

Eve: A friend of mine (not a Doper, much to my chagrin) who was to take the ferry late this afternoon ended up having to do a long haul through Brooklyn on a bus.

I see where the Captain tried to kill himself . . . Don’t blame him a bit, really.

I heard the captain fell asleep at the wheel. How sad…

What I meant, of course, was that the captain tried to kill himself after, not during, the accident.

Ghastly: people cut in half, decapitated, people in the hospital with no legs . . . NJ Transit is looking better and better. All they do is get me home late.

I don’t know any one else on the boards who lives here on S.I.
but for what it’s worth…I’m ok. I don’t know any on the injured or dead either. My friend Amy would normally have been on the 4PM ferry, but didn’t have to go to the Manhattan office that day.