States refusing extradition

In this classic column, Cecil sayeth,

I know that a lot of those instances dealt with fugitive slaves escaping to northern states. What I want to know is, have there been any other high-profile cases involving states refusing to extradite, which were unrelated to slavery? Particularly anything in the 20th or 21st centuries? Because I don’t recall ever reading about anything like that happening in modern times.

I do not know of any specific cases where extradition has been refused between two US states. That said the below is confusing to me. On the one hand it seems to say a request for extradition must be honored and then it says the Supreme Court says a state has a right to refuse extradition. It’ll take a legal eagle around here to sort this one.

Here’s a bit more commentary from another site on the issue although it only cites one case and that involving a slave which the OP already stipulated to.

Not to try and throw this into GD but this could be more relevant than we might think in the near future. Assume Roe v. Wade is tossed out by the Supreme Court in the near future and it is left to each state to determine abortion laws for themselves. Now imagine one state makes having an abortion a felony while another allows it and a woman from the state where it is illegal gets an abortion then flees to the state where they are legal. If ever you could see a situation where two states may come to blows over extradition I think this scenario would be right near the top of the list.

IANAL so not so good at deciphering these things but the case below seems to be a modern example of one state refusing to extradite someone per the OP. Near as I can tell the extradition ultimately went through (after an admittedly brief scan of the document linked below) but it is an example of what the OP is looking for to some extent.

Sorry for so many consecutive posts but if I am reading this correctly a state has very limited ability to refuse extradition.

Note that this is from a modern case where extradition seems to have been refused and stayed that way (the link above is about that case as summarized below from the same link as above).

Robert Elliott Burns escaped twice from Georgia chain gangs, the second time ending up in New Jersey. New Jersey refused to extradite him. His story was published as the book “I am a Fugitive From a Georgia Chain Gang!” and was filmed as I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang.

I recall from reading and watching Helter Skelter that California had a difficult time extraditing Charles “Tex” Watson from Texas, because of the web of relationships between the judge, Watson’s attorney and the judge’s election committee.