States where third parties and independents have done well

Not just asking about Presidential elections, but in general. I live in Maine, where we have had several independent governors. Governor Angus King was later elected to the Senate. Many local officials in Cumberland County and the City of Portland have been Greens.
Considering the career Bernie Sanders, I would say Vermont is good to independents as well.
What other states have had successful independent candidates?

Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura as governor.

The Green Party has had some success in Hawaii. Its candidate was elected to the county council on the Big Island in 1992, the first Green Party win in the US in a partisan race. Reelected in 1994, she stepped down to run unsuccessfully for Big Island mayor in 1996. Then in 1998, another Green Party candidate reclaimed the previous one’s seat on the county council and held it until 2002, when she decided not to run. But her husband did run, also under the Green Party, won, then held the seat until losing the 2008 election.

I would guess that New Hampshire would be a state that independents would do well in. What is the highest office that has ever been won by a third party candidate? Let’s exclude true independents like Sanders and Angus King. No Whigs either :p. I think that question has relevance to this topic.

I always had the impression that New Hampshire was too conservative to support independents, unlike Vermont next door. Or have I been laboring under a misapprehension?

Any regions where Greens or other parties are regularly getting elected to city counsels, county judgeships, state assemblies, etc?

If a party succeeds on the local level in many locations over time, that’s when I think they’re ready to consider fielding presidential candidates.

As I mentioned in my OP, I live in Cumberland County, Maine. We have had a large number of Green officials, both in the County, and in the City of Portland. At one point, we were the county with the most elected Greens in the US. We still have quite a few.

Alaska elected Wally Hickel as governor on the Alaska Independence party ticket back in 1990. But Hickel was really a Republican who was running as a third party candidate after the Republican party nominated someone unacceptable. One of the few cases where a third party in name only white knight swoops in to save the major party from a bad nominee and actually succeeds rather than throwing the election to the other guy.

More Importantly, they elected Al Franken as a Senator.

But only once – he would never have been re-elected. Even he saw that and quit rather than run again.

How is that relevant? Franken was the endorsed Democrat in the election, and had been an active Democrat for years before that.

Alaska; Nader got 10% of the vote there in 2000 and Perot got 28% in 1992 there. In 2008 it was also one of Nader’s best, his 2004 absolute best, and in 2012 one of Johnson’s best.