States where Wal-Mart is the largest employer.

Alabama - 34,000
Arizona - 32,373
Arkansas - 50,000
Florida - 95,000
Georgia - 51,000
Illinois - 51,137
Kentucky - 28,000
Louisiana - 34,633
Mississippi - 23,430
Missouri - 40,000
Montana - 4,533
North Carolina - 49,000
Ohio - 47,000
Oklahoma - 31,096
South Carolina - 26,829
Tennessee - 38,569
Texas - 156,195
Virginia - 40,000
West Virginia - 10,855


remember to thank your Job Creator

Is this intended as a compliment? Or some kind of twisted insult? :confused:

Sounds like the invasion of the Wal-martians.

Is the US Government considered to be a single employer? If so, I feel certain that Uncle Sam employs more than 40,000 people in Virginia.

This particular list excluded the government, presumably because it is intended to highlight which private companies have the largest effect on the local economy:

“We excluded military bases and other federal and state government employers, with the exception of state universities, which were included.”

If you do include the government, the the DoD employs twice as many people in Virginia as Walmart.

By percentage, Arkansas is the only one to crack 1% of the population, which makes sense since it’s the headquarters.

The US Govt can take partial credit for many of those jobs, since they have to subsidize Walmart’s low pay.

At least it appears that Walmart has replaced the 400,000 US manufacturing jobs lost to China since 2001 :dubious:

I know you’re not exactly serious, but you can’t say that unless you take account of the retailing jobs that Walmart destroyed.

Only after we have some kind of net figure for retail jobs can we decide whether and how to apply any changes against other job categories. And my uninformed guess is that Walmart has been a net reducer of retail jobs.

Ok. thanks for sharing.