Static in computer speakers

Sometimes I hear static coming from my computer speakers. (they are designed to be used with a computer and therefore are magnetically shielded) What could be causing this?

Inferior shielding somewhere.

There are alot of sources of static in a computer or monitor, but the FCC says you have to meet certain emission standards so they generally don’t leak out of the case. Maybe you’ve got an emitter somehow and the speakers were designed for a shielded source.

Another possibility is that the sound source is staticky (sp?) to begin with and the speakers are faithfully reproducing it.

Last guess – the speaker wires are picking up the static somewhere. This one you can at least test by moving the wires around and seeing if it changes the static.

Really last guess – if the system isn’t properly grounded you can get a hum. Not static, really, but an annoying undertone.


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At my last job, static would definitely get to my speakers from outside sources. The strongest case was when I would turn on a small fluorescent light. I would be suspicious of things like fluorescent lights, and things that contain electric motors. Electric motors (with contact brushes) are notorious for causing interference.

Compaq Presario 4540 = my computer.

Compaq (like most manufacturers) has a website for upgrades and patches.

Many owners of this line of computers were asking about static coming from their speakers.

Compaq replied that certain models of their computers were in need of a patch (and I think it was more firmware than software).

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I’ve noticed that whenever a cell phone is in use near my computer, I get static through my speakers.

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