Stationary Bikes

I quit smoking on October 6, 2000 at 6:03 PM EST. I haven’t lit up since… um, well, except for a brief moment on October 7, but then I ripped up the entire pack and submerged it in the sink.

OK, so now my metabolism has slowed wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down and I’ve decided that I need to buy a stationary bike if I am to remain my sexy self. I think that the only thing I’ve settled on is that it has to be the “recumbent” style, cuz my lower back won’t stand anything less.

What I need are suggestions. Anybody have any? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I hate hate hated mine. I found a zillion reasons whynot ride it to nowhere. So I took linedance classes. Silly. Hokey. I loved it. Bought red Ropers, made friends, lost 40 pounds. Had an absolute blast. I dance in the livingroom and have kept the weight off for 4 years now. Dancing is the only form of areobic exercise I know I will do. Choose a form of exercise you will do and do it. Have fun! :slight_smile: