Status on the Western Saharah

Now that Morrocco(sp?) is under a new king will they give it up? If not when are the map makers gonna make it part of Morrocco.

My WAG is that Map Makers don’t really care considering that there’s really no way to ever successfully govern that region of the world until they do things like keep their population in one place and build towns rather than live nomadic lives.

I don’t think building towns (and presumably shopping malls and injecting their brains with cable TV) will sort out the unreported genocide that has been underway in this region for the last 20 years.
It turns out that the Algerians are the good guys here (although, of course, in America all Algerians are bad people, so I’d better keep quiet about that).

For an admittedly biased (but at least informed) view have a look at

Colin, I’d bet that 99 out of 100 Americans couldn’t tell you what country Algerians live in, much less whether they’re “good guys” or “bad guys”. The Maghrib is an area of the world that has fallen below the public awareness radar of the American people.

I remember a radio report broadcast on the BBC about 10 years ago. On the night the Berlin Wall came down, the local US TV news had two minutes coverage on this followed by eight minutes on the local college basketball. Must have been some game that night.
It may not be impartial, but it’s not owned by disney

I once lost my corkscrew and had to live on food and water for several days
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Colin, as far as I can see, all news sources are biased and incomplete. How can they help but be? It’s impossible to report everything, so if nothing else, they choose what they consider “newsworthy”. The best you can do is find news sources that aren’t intentionally inaccurate and follow several different sources, with seperate agendas, in the hope they will cover each other’s gaps.

Just thought I would see if anyone else had any other thoughts on this.

One of the many forgotten shames of the countries which could do something and yet prefer to ignore the misery of a people who are being exterminated.