Stay home when you're sick, dammit!

Last week on Wednesday, my boss announced that he was going home early because he felt like he was coming down with the flu. Did he have the good sense to stay there? Of course not! He came in for a while on Thursday and Friday evenings, and then showed up Saturday morning (looking like death warmed over, apparently) for our annual Open House event. Despite the repeated urgings of a couple of my colleagues to leave Open House duties to them and go home, my boss hung around for nearly four hours hacking and sneezing. Joy.

Monday morning, we get an email from him saying that he now has pneumonia, and will be staying home for a few days. But lo and behold, yesterday he shows up to teach class, and today he came in “catch up on things,” all the while saying, “It’s okay, I’m on heavy-duty medication.”

IT’S NOT OKAY, DAMMIT! Did you happen to notice that the two people who shared Open House duties with you on Saturday are now home sick themselves? Did it ever occur to you that while you may be medicated, the rest of us haven’t had our freaking flu shots yet and are vulnerable? That maybe your students don’t want to spend an hour-and-a-half sitting in a closed room with your germs, smelling your mentholated breath and listening to your chest rattle? Or maybe we just don’t want to hear you hacking and sneezing, knowing that everything you’re coming into contact with is becoming germ-infested?

The world will not come to an end if you take a few days off to recuperate fully before coming back. Have some courtesy for others and stay home when you’re sick! :mad:

I agree. I think these folks are workaholics and/or have huge egos and think the office can’t get along without them, or they’ve got a martyr complex (oh, poor me, I’m so sick but I have such a workload I have to come to work anyway.)
I have co-workers and bosses who come in sniffling and sneezing and talk about “something going around” but they’re the ones spreading the “something” throughout the office! Jeez - the insensitive a-holes.

My company doesn’t give sick time. If you’re out you don’t get paid. I can’t afford not to get paid. It has nothing to do with being a workaholic or having a big ego - I would LOVE to stay home if I could afford it (and, on the rare occasion when I’m ahead for the month I will). Of course, I just come in, get to my office, and stay put. I’ll opt out of any training I have scheduled and assist people totally by email and phone. I don’t go around infecting everyone else (although, no one else seems to mind coming to my office and infecting me).

As far as the people who get paid sick time, I agree, they are insensitive creeps. Stay home already.

I had a co-worker recently come into work even though she was sick all week and right before lunch she proceeded to launch a technicolor yawn into her garbage can. Everyone lost their appettite and she was embarrassed beyond belief…I think SHE has learned a lesson the hardway though.

About a month ago a nasty virus was going around work. I stayed in my little office to avoid people. One girl came into my office to chat in between sneezes and coughs. I say “Are you sick?” (duh) she says “Yes, but I don’t have a fever so I’m not contaigous” (bigger duh). So I start yelling “Get out! Get out! You’re can still give it to me” You see, I’m pregnant and cannot take anything for this. By the next day I was so sick that I felt I could not live another day. When I told her she got me sick by coming to work sick, she said “Can’t you just go to the doctor and get the Z-Pac antibiotics?” No, you nimrod, I told you several times that I can’t.
While I do agree that some people just can’t take time off, our company has really good benefits for sick time. I am still angry. My nose has not been the same since. Grrrr… Why are some people such idiots? Your boss should have known better!

When I worked for a brokerage house, we had an investment banker who stayed home a couple of days because she had a respiratory infection. But she got bored and came in on the third day and proceeded to give it to several people in our office, including me. For the next year and a half I got it every six months before I could shake it. Jerk!

She should have stayed home. Nobody missed her.

My company has sick leave for all of it’s employees so I can’t stand it when people come into work sick. You’re not gonna get any sympathy from me by doing it. I don’t see it as you making the effort to do your job, I see it as you being a pompous insensitive ass and infecting everyone around you. Get your dumb ass home and in bed where you should be, drink plenty of fluids, and don’t come back until you’re well. The office will survive without you… you’re not that important asshole!!!

And yet, at my last office job I had very little work to do, and did stay home when I was sick, and my supervisor told me I was shirking and almost didn’t give me a satisfactory evaluation.

You can’t win either way.

Many teachers have a system that if you don’t come to school, you lose points. I think this is great–for people who are never sick. But for people like me who get sick every once in a while, or have a funeral to go to, it’s a big pain. Today I got my Psychology class grade. I received a B, much to my shock (I am used to getting As in my classes). I missed the A by 4 points…then I realized I had missed 4 days of class. Was I ever so pissed. I had a 91%, which is an A in most schools, but nooo…some teachers insist on a point system. It’s like saying, “If you want to pass, come to school, even if you’re dying.”

By reading some of these posts, it would seem that I won’t have much luck in the work force…I’ll be too busy running away from the sick people.

I cannot stand people who are so sick, yet they insist on coming into work when they don’t have to. Take a sick day, will you? Now, I can fully understand that a lot of people don’t get sick days, or don’t have any left, or really have important stuff to do.

I have a position where I am the only person in a company of over 150 people who does what I do. Makes taking a sick day a problem sometimes. Fortunately, I am hardly ever sick. I’m not suggesting that people take on a paranoia worthy of Howard Hughes, but if we all follow a little common sense, we’d be sick a lot less.

Wash your hands often, and don’t go grabbing doorknobs and pushing elevator buttons and then jam your finger in your nose or scratch your eye without washing your hands first! At least use a tissue. We probably all know how cold germs are transmitted, yet I know people who are constantly sick, and I see their daily habits. Go buy a sandwich, handle dirty money, then eat the sandwich, and lick their fingers clean! No wonder they are always sick! And yes, sometimes you just can’t help catching something, especially if you have kids. Whenever I am sick, I am always conscious of transmitting my germs, and am constantly washing my hands, coughing into the crook of my arm, etc. If you must show up to work sick, please don’t spew all over the office. Have a little consideration.

I would love to stay home when I’m sick, but since none of the public does, what difference can it make? My co-workers have 100’s of people a day breathing on them, a great many sick. What’s one more? And I can’t afford to be out for two weeks with just a runny nose. I get 4 sick days a year, and what if I’m really sick?

My company allows 10 sick days per calendar year. If I stayed home for a week every time I got a cold I’d use up twice that many. Here in Canada it’s par for the course to get a cold or two every winter. Then since I have a small child there will be days when she’s sick and I’ll HAVE to take a sick day at work. And then if I happen to get really ill I won’t have any sick days left and we’ll be hurtin’ for money.

So sorry, it’s work for me when I have a cold, unless I’m feverish.

Also, if you get in the habit of taking 20-30 sick days a year, I guarantee you’re going to get some pretty hard questions at your next performance review.