Steak, french fries and gravy-- need help fast!

It’s just me and the hubby. He brought home two thick ribeye steaks. I’ve cut up a quart of potatoes and put them in the freezer (with skin because I like them and I’m lazy) for deep frying because I read that frozen fries work best in Fry Daddies. The plan is to pan fry the steaks and make gravy in the pan to put on the deep fried fries.

I’ve got a few hours or five before I start. Any hints or advice for any part of this plan?

When they say frozen fries do they mean actually frozen potatoes or frozen French fries you buy at the store? My understanding is that really good fries take two rounds of cooking at different temp, and frozen fries (from store) have already had the first round.

I rarely cook steak but when I do, it’s thick rib eyes and I use this method, which doesn’t involve much added oil, which IMHO dilutes the taste of a superior steak. Hopefully you’re not planning to fry those steaks in a puddle of oil!

Personally I’d forget the gravy, and either deep fry the fries without, or roast them with salt, pepper, maybe some cajun seasoning, and a little olive oil. That way you’d get the undiluted taste of really good fries and really good steak without faffing about with gravy.

Or - make steak, then quickly add more fat and whisk up the gravy with the stirred-up remains of the steak cooking.

Thanks you two. That’s exactly the kind of advice I’m looking for. And yes, I was thinking of a quick bottom-of-the-pan-scraping gravy.

We happen to be roasting some potatoes tonight. Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, add some fresh rosemary leaves and roast until they’re done. I like to stick them under the broiler briefly to get some puffiness.

Rosemary leaves are almost mandatory with roasted potatoes! SO good.

McCormick’s Jamaican Jerk seasoning is one of my go-to’s for roasted root vegetables of any sort.

Enjoy your dinner, Biggirl, as my lentil soup is cooking I’m craving a nice steak, thanks to you, dammit. :slight_smile:

I’d start with them at room temperature. Remove all of the excess water. Work in small batches and cook them in 320ºF oil for three minutes or so, until they are pale and floppy. Remove them from the oil, drain, and allow to cool to room temperature. Bring the oil to 375ºF and cook the cooled fries in batches until they are crisp, golden brown, and delicious. Drain on a rack and sprinkle with kosher salt. Keep them hot in the oven (200ºF).

I like a little garlic salt and some freshly-ground black pepper. Use as much of both as you like, but don’t make it too salty. I get all stabby with a fork, so as to get the seasonings into the middle of the meat. I get steaks that are nicely marbled, so there’s plenty of fat in them. Sear them in a cast-iron frying pan on both sides, cooking to desired doneness. Use a flat-ended spatula to scrape the pan. This will help to fill in any imperfections, and aid the seasoning of the pan. :wink:

The only time I do ‘gravy’ with steaks is when I make steak au poivre, so I can’t help you there. I suspect that if you cook the steak as above, it wouldn’t be good for gravy.