Steak Tartare

I know this is a desperate request. But I need help.
I have offended the woman I love. I need to show her some appreciation. She has told me in the past how much she likes steak tartare. I want to to take her out and treat her to a fine meal. Does anyone know a restaurant in Singapore where they serve Steak Tartare?
If you know this, you may be able to save a relationship on the brink.

Chef G’s, the first hit on Google search “Singapore steak tartare”.
Chef G’s
8 Grange Road,
#01-05 Cineieisure Orchard,
Singapore 239695
Tel: 736 1533

Sounds damn good. Good luck.

Hey, why not make a real hit with her and take her to:

It’s just on the other side of the Indian Ocean and hang a short right.

Soooo, NiceGuyJack, how was the date?
What happened - did she not appreciate the steak tartare?

Did she throw you in front of a bus?