Steam Humidifier?

I currently have a bypass humidifier on my geothermal heat pump. It works OK, but it’s difficult to adjust water flow so it doesn’t waste too much into the overflow. Water’s expensive where I live.

I’m considering switching to a steam type unit. Possibly an Aprilair unit.

I’ve heard that heat pumps output is not hot enough to efficiently evaporate the water from the pad type humidifier I have now. This may or may not be true, and maybe it doesn’t really matter.

Anyone have any experience with steam humidifiers they’d like to share?

It’s what you use to burn a steam humidi. :smiley: Seriously, we once had a Kaz vaporizer–my little brother caught colds a lot.

I’m talking about the whole house units mounted in the supply air duct.

Oh. :o

I just saw an Ask This Old House (Season 12, Episode 12) where they installed a whole house steam generator humidifier. The unit they installed was the Nortec NH-EL. I can’t find an estimated price on the unit, but if I were going to have a humidifier installed, this would probably be the one.

Try to watch the segment on this as there is a bit of tricky stuff there.

I saw that episode and that’s why I’m considering a steam unit. I like the idea of a self cleaning unit, though I do have soft water with less than 1gr of hardness. My hvac guy says steam units require lots of cleaning, so he and I will be having some discussion about that.