Steel Buildings

Has anyone every had an experience with pioneer steel buildings? The prices look good, but I’m wondering if there aren’t a lot of options, etc that you need to get for them that aren’t included in the price. For instance, a lot of them don’t seem to include end walls, etc. Maybe this is where they make their profit? It just looks too cheap to be true.

I’m not sure what you mean by “a lot of them don’t seem to have end walls”. In their Photo Gallery, I see one that has a different kind of end wall, but it’s definitely a wall. It looks screened-in. The blurb says it’s a custom job.

And the FAQ says, “Can I put my own ends and doors in?”, and the answer to that is:

So, no, they aren’t necessarily offering cheaper prices by selling them “without ends and doors”.

You get to the FAQ by clicking on “Resources” on the Home Page.

After looking at their site, I think they’re playing a pretty straight game. The buildings aren’t attractive, but they are spacious, cheap, and easy to assemble.

They remind one of quonset huts from WWII. There are plenty of people and stories you could look up. They definitely weren’t perfect. That didn’t stop them from being heavily used for decades afterward. Besides, one suspects that this company’s been able to make considerable improvements since then

I’d say go for it.

On the price page, the less expensive buildings say something to the affect of:
No Ends: Price
One Solid Endwall: Price
One solid endwall, one wall with doors: Price

However, these options are not available on all the buildings, which made me wonder about the availablity and cost of these.

Also, on the accessories page, they list bolts as an accessory, which made me wonder if the bolts, etc were included.

Maybe I’m just skeptical due to the price of these buildings. The web site makes them look extremely attractive price wise, which is why I was looking for a catch somewhere.

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