Steeler/Eagles footbal game, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT??


We were watching the football game the other night. Life was GREAT. Beer in hand… Football…big screen tv, need I say more? Well during the 3rd quarter an UNSIGHTLY sight appeared on my tv. It was hideous… and a hideous sight in BIG SCREEN… well was bad!

One Steeler player, on the side-lines talking with a coach of some sort. His hefty size belly was exposed, and his nether-regions, WHICH WERE EVEN HEFTIER(!) were exposed, showing what looks like a pink girdle, which was stretched beyond its capabilities. We KNOW it was pink, because his flesh was a dark brown, and the backside of this not so petite player was FULLY exposed from his uniform.

WHAT, pray-tell, did we see???

Perhaps he missed the point of the mandatory ballet classes.

So his moms washed his jock in with the reds. Give the guy a break.

If that was his jock… he was wearing it backwards… and the thought that his backside fit into his front side is… amazing!! :smiley:

In an attempt at a semi-serious answer, that’s precisely what you saw…a Football Girdle. I can’t speak to it’s relative pink-ness, but the item that holds the various hip and upper-leg pads in place is commonly called a girdle. I wore one for quite some time.

I guess that does make sense. I never gave it much thought. Exactly HOW do the players keep their “things” in. Everything does seem rather skin tight. A girdle would be logical. THe pinkness, is just weird. I bet he gets ALOT of teasing in the locker room!

Thanks Omniscient