Steelinox? Wot?

I inherited an old wristwatch. On the inside of the clasp is the word STEELINOX.

So…what’s STEELINOX?

Inox Steel is just another way of saying Stainless Steel. The inox part comes from the French inoxydable (inoxidizable).

In my experience Steelinox is a fairly common way of referring to Stainless Steel all throughout Europe, so the watch may have been made in Europe or it might have been referred to as Steelinox just to make it sound more foreign and exotic. It may be written as Inox Steel, Steel Inox, or all run together as Steelinox.

Thank you for your prompt reply. The watch in question is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Model 1002 from the late 1950s. I guess I should have mentioned that earlier.

Thanks again.

Nice watch. You can be sure that the stainless steel is good quality.