Steering wheel recommendations for PS3

So, I picked up Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3 today and am very much looking forward to playing it tonight. I’ve heard that having a steering wheel controller can add a lot to the experience. Being a very infrequent gamer, I don’t know where to look for reviews and/or recommendations for these. What is/are the most reliable site(s) for reviews of this type of thing? Does anyone have a recommendation for a specific product?

logitech g27

or if you don’t want to spend $300, you can get the Logitech Driving Force GT and spend $100 to $150, depending on where you buy.

Is the difference between the two worth the price difference? I think $300 is a bit wide of my budget so would only go that route if there was a very large difference.

g27 has a clutch pedal, h gate shifter, uses helical gears for its force feedback system. . . if i could find one, i’d spend the money - not many wheels have the clutch pedal. the gt one is good as well, probably alot easier to find i guess…

I have the G25 (previous version of G27) and I like it very much. It seems more substantial and precise than the Driving Force GT.

How does one use a steering wheel with a PS3 or any console for that matter, do you need a table or desk to attach it to or can you simply leave it on your lap.

The Fanatec Porsche wheels are very high quality, if you can afford them of course.

Logitech G27. Except no substitutes! (Maybe there are good substitutes but that’s the only one I’ve tried. You might even get it on clearance for the holidays)

hmmm those fanatech wheels look pretty damn good to me… doesn’t look like you can switch the gear shift to the left side but still…

and yeah you need to clamp any wheel you get to a table, or something flat and stable. trying to wedge it in your lap doesn’t work well, and force feedback can actually be quite strong, you need it to be secure.

trying to find any of these wheels is starting to frustrate me though, i really wanted a g25 or g27, was willing to spend the cash since its a one off xmas thing… thinking i’ll have to settle for the driving force gt after all. bye bye clutch pedals and actual gear shifting.