Stephen Fry in America

Did anyone else happen to watch this?

I thought it was absolutely fantastic.

I caught most of it. But the gimmick is to visit all 50 states plus DC. What was with skipping straight over Delaware and Maryland? And I don’t think I caught Rhode Island either but maybe that was where I had to go fix my mum’s computer.

That Harvard guy who was a gay black Republican. Did Stephen ever find out… WHY?
ETA: shit, Connecticut too possibly. I couldn’t have missed ALL of them. Buh?

For my fellow Yanks who were wondering what the heck the OP’s talking about, Stephen Fry in America is a six-part travelogue on the BBC. From their site:

The episode’s available on the BBC’s website, but not for those outside the UK, alas. Damn, I love Mr. Fry and would very much like to see this. Not sure if it’ll be available on BBC America.

Here’s an excerpt of a post on Stephen’s blog about his experiences and the whys/wherefores of the series.

The post is much longer and quite lovely. I wish he’d write a book about his experiences. Should be interesting.

Wish granted.

When I first saw it mentioned in my tv-magazine I actually though it was going to be a 50 part series in which each state would have its own episode. But I guess that was a bit optimistic. stephen Fry is always worth a watch though!

Thank you for posting about this! I adore Stephen Fry and now have a lot of reading to do to catch up on all his blogs.